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Residential Appraisal Review & USPAP Compliance



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Course Information

Residential Appraisal Review & USPAP Compliance

NRPAB approval #2161403.04.  7 Hours continuing education. 100% attendance is required.

This course has been developed by The Appraisal Foundation.  The course focuses on appraisal review assignments and the effect USPAP has on these assignments, the reviewers, and the work of appraisers involved in the assignments.  With the greater scrutiny that has been placed on appraisers and the appraisal reports they produce in the past several years and the stricter regulations from all client levels, the demand for appraisal reviews has grown.  Any appraiser who is completing assignments for lending institutions is having his or her work reviewed by various individuals who have checklists, and other requirements they are verifying in conjunction with the reports being produced.  Some of these individuals are appraisers who are acting in the review capacity, while others are not appraisers.  The appraisers whose work is under review may or may not be aware of either the review or the review results.

This course is designed to aid real property appraisers seeking a better understanding of USPAP in conjunction with producing appraisal reviews that are USPAP compliant, as well as providing additional guidance to those appraisers whose work is being reviewed.  Ideally, the review process should raise the level of professionalism among appraisers and encourage them to produce better appraisal reports.

2016 – 2017 USPAP Book is REQUIRED for this course.  EACH attendee is responsible for bringing their own 2016 – 2017 USPAP book to class.  The provider will NOT furnish the required USPAP book.  USPAP books CANNOT be shared, as per The Appraisal Foundation.

ACCEPTABLE versions of USPAP book:  Original spiral bound book;  Electronic version downloaded to a personal laptop computer – electronic copies must be available for the entire duration of the class;  Electronic eBook version downloaded to an ipad, eReader, etc. – electronic copies must be available for the entire class;   Reproduction of (the complete) USPAP book from a Sponsoring Organization of The Appraisal Foundation that has received permission to distribute copies to its members (the title page should indicate this copy was reproduced with permission from the Foundation);  The attendee may bring, in a printed format, a complete copy of an electronic PDF version of USPAP that the student has otherwise lawfully acquired.

UNACCEPTABLE versions of USPAP book:  An illegally reproduced copy;   A partial copy;  Logging on to an online viewable version of USPAP book.

NEBRASKA appraisers are allowed one FREE download of the electronic version of the 2016- 2017  USPAP book from the Nebraska Real Property Appraiser Board website:  Electronic copies must be available for the entire  class.

Purchasing a USPAP book:  An original spiral-bound USPAP book, or an *electronic version of the USPAP book, may be purchased from The Appraisal Foundation.  Order online at – or – call 800-348-2831. 

If you need to order the USPAP book, please allow adequate time to receive the book before the class.


Course Objectives:  Identify USPAP obligations when completing an appraisal review assignment; Recognize the importance of intended use and intended user in developing and reporting the results of an appraisal review assignment; Recognize the additional USPAP obligations necessary when an appraisal review assignment includes a reviewer’s own opinion of value; Identify scope of work issues in a variety of appraisal review situations; Discuss key definitions within USPAP related to appraisal review; Recognize that the subject of an appraisal review assignment may be all or part of a report, workfile, or a combinations of these; Identify the problem to be solved in the appraisal review assignment; Recognize appraisal review is a specialized area of appraisal practice; Recognize appraisal reviews are used in a variety of business, governmental, and legal situations that appraisers encounter when completing residential appraisal review assignments.


NRPAB approval #2161403.04.  This course is approved by the Nebraska Real Property Appraiser Board for seven (7) hours of continuing education 

The NRPAB approval of this course is honored by the Nebr. Real Estate Commission for continuing education for sales persons and brokers.

The NRPAB approval of this course is honored by the Nebr. Dept of Revenue for continuing education for assessor re-certification.

Appraisers in other states may be eligible to receive continuing education credit and they should check with their state appraiser board.

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